Here is a list of some of the players and their manager from the early years. 

Their profiles have been uncovered as a result of my research and personal interviews with their family and friends. You can read about them in much more detail in my book, In a League of Their Own!


Florrie Redford: Centre forward and played in the first match at Deepdale.

Alice Kell was the first ever captain of the Dick, Kerr Ladies and also played in the first game at Deepdale in 1917.  

Lily Parr played outside left for the team for many years and scored over one hundred goals for the club in 1921. She became the first female football player to be posthumously inducted into the National Football Museum Hall of Fame in 2002.

Alice Mills played during the tour of the USA in 1922 and eventually set up home in America a year later. 

Jessie Walmsley moved to Preston in play for the team in 1919.  Previously playing for Lancaster Ladies.

Jennie Harris was another Lancaster player who made her mark with the Dick, Kerr Ladies. She had a great goal scoring partnership with Florrie Redford, and the two became know as the Dick, Kerr 'box of tricks'.

Alice Woods was one of the many players to make the move to Preston from her native St Helens.  Already a top class sprinter, Alice was the first woman to win a race held under AAA laws in 1918.

Alice Norris joined the team when she was fourteen years old.  She was always very proud to have been a 'Dick, Kerr's girl' and can be seen on the famous picture of the team on the float for the Blackpool Carnival 1923.

Molly Walker joined the Dick, Kerr team from Lancaster Ladies in 1918 and is probably the first player to be transferred from one ladies team to another.

Alfred Frankland was manager and mentor of the Dick, Kerr Ladies for forty years. 

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