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I am very excited and 'over the moon' as they say in football terms, to announce that my book has been optioned by seasoned, respected and award winning Producer Sue Horth, who now has exclusive rights to my work and we are working together to make a film or drama about the Dick, Kerr Ladies.  http://www.amazon.co.uk/League-Their-Dick-Ladies-1917-1965/dp/1782221832/

Also on board and writing the screenplay is Kate Ambler who has a wonderful grasp of the story.  Northern lass Kate and I have been meeting regularly for the past few months, and in my capacity as consultant on the project I have been sharing with her the 'real' life stories behind these very ordinary Lancashire Lassies who took the country by storm with their extra-ordinary success story and blazed a trail on the football field making a history so unique we will never see their like again.